Thursday, 14 April 2011

Tortilla Espanol

Talking about tortilla, I'm sure one will imagine a kind of flat bread, chicken wrap and etc. But thanks to Spain for introducing their own version of tortilla which is now my friends and I new addiction. While walking in the streets of Cordoba in a thirtyseven degrees temperature, we came by a small cozy shop selling variety of drinks but the only one that we could understand from the menu was fruit juices. Due to the thirtyseven degrees I managed to persuade my vacation mates to stop for a drink in that shop. Honestly, I wasn't thirtsy at that moment. What actually caught my eye was a well in the middle of the shop with fruits on top of it. Sorry mates ;)

And the discovery of tortilla began when my friend, Oci ordered Tortilla Espanol which he thought was the cheapest food in the menu. We laughed about it for awhile and I must say that was the best decision Oci ever made in the trip. It was the most delicious Spanish meal for me so far!

Back home, I decided to google the recipe for this tortilla espanol and I finally came out with my own version of Tortilla Espanol =)

6 eggs
1 red bell pepper (I used only half of it)
1 onion
Parsley leaves (Daun sup)
Potatoes (any potatoes will do - charlotte potatoes is my favourite)
Olive Oil

Red bell peppers, mushroom, parsley, onions.

charlotte potatoes


Olive oil (the most important-you can get other better brands but asda's will do for me)

Baby steps

1. Whisk the eggs

2. Prepare and cut red bell pepper, mushrooms, onion and parsley leaves. (don't forget to clean them first)

3. Wash potatoes with water and cut them medium sized.(I didn't removed the skin because I love having charlotte potatoes with the skin on)

4. Fry the potatoes (Olive oil would be the best option but it's ok to use other types of oil)

5. Put together all the ingredients from No. 2 and the potatoes in a large bowl.

6. Mix them together with a reasonable amount of salt and pepper.

7. Then add the eggs which you already whisked into the bowl.

8. Mix them together and mash the potatoes (I choose not to for my first trial)

9. Prepare a nonstick pan and pour a reasonable amount of olive oil into the pan.

10. Pour the mixture into the pan. (Use low heat)

Then, the difficult part:

11. After the mixture has turned brown an the bottom you can turn it over to cook the other side. (If you fail to do so, you'll end up with a scramble tortilla)

And this happened to me. So what I did was, with my scrambled horrible tortilla I decided to put them in a cake baking tray and press the tortilla until it's dense enough. After that, I decided to put my tortilla in the oven and bake it for 5 minutes. Well, it turns out good and I served it with salad.

My First Own version Tortilla Espanol

The one I ate in Cordoba

p/s: I think we could also call this tortilla espanol as "spanish omelette" or "telur dadar" in malay. lol.

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