Thursday, 14 April 2011

Charlotte potatoes with roasted herbs

After a week of zero attendance to gym and fitness class it was quite hard to start back again. My vacation has "menjahanamkan my diet". Today, after a session in fitness class I felt terribly thirsty and hungry. Straight away after the class ended, I went to the nearby market and tesco to get fresh fruits and vegies. While choosing vegies I saw packed potatoes garnished with

At home, I tried my own recipe of charlotte potatoes with roasted herbs. *I'm quite sure this is not the most suitable meal after a session of fitness class. But once awhile we do need exceptions.

Charlotte potatoes (any potatoes will do but I still have the remaining potatoes from my last tortilla)
Roasted herbs
Vegetable oil

This is the roasted herb I used

Baby Steps
1. Wash and cut the potatoes medium-sized
2. Prepare the oil and fry the potatoes
3. Once cooked, mix the potatoes with salt pepper and roasted herbs.
4. Served with salad and lemon.

Squeeze the lemon on the potatoes for a bit of fresh taste!

p/s: Kak Ili, if you can't find the roasted herbs perhaps you can try to mix the potato with chillies, garlic and lemon and then you fry them. I saw similar recipes like this in the net. I was thinking about this at first but I malas nk chop garlic.ehe


  1. syg,thanx yar=) i nk try add on ngn parsley,wen it combines both garlic and parsley,absolutely fantastic aroma and taste.u can try 2 dearie=)

  2. yup kak ili. parsley leaves! i baru teringat. i slalu klau xtau nk ltak apa in anything parsley would be the best choice!