Monday, 18 April 2011

Healthy Snacks

I love snacks especially between meals and movie time. A box of chocolate, a packet of doritos, a jar of cookie and the list goes on. They already taste yummy by just typing them out. But everytime I finished snacking I felt this terrible guilt. All the extra calories, sugars, fat and etc.

I tried to control my cravings and replaced them with fruits salads. I prefer to prepare my healthy snacks early in the morning. I'll cut the fruits into small pieces and keep them in a tupperware. So, instead of having a bar of chocolate I'll just grab my fruits tupperware! I love to have them with honey and I normally would change my choice of fruits from time to time just to add variety. Plus, I love to see colours in my food =)

Healthier choice but still taste fabulous!

This is my favourite. A combination of small slice apples, oranges and strawberries. Try to have them with honey. It tastes better!

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